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Advertyze Network provides a great number of unique features within the Ads, Display Network and Analytics which are listed below,

Like & Share Integration

Like and Share Mechanism in the ads is one of the very unique feature in order to get the user engaged with the ads. Users will be having an option to Like or Share their favorite ads or even get them on their social media.

Ultimate results would be definitely a viral action with one click converting into Hundreds.

Search Ads

Users are spammed everyday with lots of unwanted ads, so we thought of why not giving an option to the user directly to search for his favorite brand or ad. This is truly one unique feature that tends to revolutionize the way ads are shown.

Targeting Area

We offer a vast targeting areas for the ads to be displayed including Geographical, Demographic, Behavioral and Interest based targeting for the users so every person on the internet enjoys a great experience while surfing.

Costing Model

3 Most popular costing model, Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Mile (CPM) and Cost per Action (CPA) is integrated in our model. We definitely plan to increase the options in coming months.

Auto Ad Generation

Several advertisers really do not have time to build huge number of ads for their websites and products for every size. We have brought an option to get those ads generated through a state of the art mechanism and our algorithms which picks the images and content from the website and generates ads for all formats and sizes saving a huge amount of time. And yes, you can edit them at anytime.

Like Graph

With the induction of Like Button on our Ads, now Advertisers and Publishers will have the option to check out their Like Stats for each day, each post and each campaign. This will tend out to see which of their ads and websites gets maximum hits and likes.

Share Flow

The sharing mechanism of Ads on the social media is itself a quite unique one with people having easiness to share their favorite ads with their friends and families. Share flow will let advertisers know who generated the share and to how many people the ads have been shared. A quite unique experience, hn!

Clicks & Hits

A Traditional Analytics to show the total clicks on the website, total impressions, bounce ratios and a lot more with custom time duration pick. We have tried to impress you with a great user experience in this section.

Live Reporting

Live Reporting Analytics helps to get the real time stats on the website including total people visiting website, page hits, heat graph and a lot more to discover.

Revenue Graph

Revenue graph analytics shows you the real time stats of the total revenue that has been earned through various blogs, websites and ad campaigns. Divided into several segments, it gives you a clear picture of from where the revenue has been earned with the option of dividing into time segments.

Expense Graph

Similar to Revenue graph, the Expense graph shows you the real time stats of the total expense that has been spend on the campaigns and the output on that.

Ad Enhancement Reviews

Like many other unique qualities, we provides each and every ad an option to get Ad Enhancement Review. This will help advertisers to get our expert team on board who provides the detailed report on how to improve the Ads and get the maximum output from it.