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Unleash Your Target Audience Fast

Advertyze Networks is aimed to provide millions of highly digitally engaged users and advertisers an advertising experience, which they never had experienced before. Identifying the nature, interests, behavior, habits and trends of a user enables us to target your customers hence what you are getting is filtered and targeted audience. Our innovation in the advertising field is helping advertisers spend money that Counts.

Our ads supports all standard digital media formats including video ad, rich-media or reward based opportunities for users. Check out more about our Targeting Areas.

i-Like & i-Share Button

The current era and the growing influence of the Social Media has led every person on the internet a habit of Liking and Sharing things. That is what we wanted to be on the ads shown so that users could interact and get engaged with the ads.

Further on the integration of the i-Like and i-Share buttons with the social media will help the advertisers to get their ads go viral.

The induction of these two buttons will also help users to build up their interest profile hence enhancing their Internet experience every single day.

Following are some Major benefits,

Users are provided with an option to Like or Share an ad. Once the ad is liked, it is noticed in our database and the analytics of the number of Likes and Shares will be shared with the advertisers. Similarly when an Ad has been shared, user is provided options to share it on social media hence helping the ads go viral.

Custom iLike and Share Button

Keeping in view the nature of the ad, we make sure that iLike and Share Button goes with it, hence custom buttons are made for each individual ad. Some of them are shown below,

Show Next Ad Feature

There exist scenarios where a user don’t want to see a particular ad and wishes to change it, Advertyze Networks has came up with an option to opt to Show Next Ad hence intelligently updating our database the likeness and dis-likeness of the user hence further targeting the users with the ads to much greater extent

Search Ad Feature
Reward Based Campaigns

The addition of User Reward based campaigns has given a great boost to advertisers where some action from the user (like filling up a survey form, completing some request etc) is rewarded. The advertisers have experienced over 200% to 300% increase in their normal traffic resulting increase in sales and revenue. This feature would definitely serve as a great add on to AD Network.

Checkout Our iCell Marklobe Video that explains all what we discussed

Targeting Areas

The advertisements can be targeted in different segments depending upon advertiser needs to ensure better pricing. Following are our main targeting areas,

Geographical Targeting

AD Network provides the opportunity to the advertisers to target their market specifically based upon user Geographical Location, linked with City, State or Country.

Demographic Targeting

Demographic targeting is termed as one of the most important factor in advertising products. With our state of art algorithms, our network tends to detect the user, hence targeting ads based upon demographics.

Behavioral Targeting

Targeting users based upon their behavior tends to generate more conversion on the advertiser perspective. Advertyze Networks will help you to target your user based upon his behavior, hence more clicks – more conversion.

Costing Model

Currently we are moving forward with 3 different Costing Model

CPC – Cost per Click
CPM – Cost per Mile
CPA – Cost per Action

Display Ads

Following are the standard IAB banner sizes we are dealing in


Increase Your Revenue with More Clicks with Advertyze Network

As a publisher you must always wanted to have a high click rate on your site but to be practical this thing is only possible if relevant and targeted ads are shown to the users. Advertyze Network ls do this for you. Our extensive knowledge of the behavior, habits and social activities of the user lets us target each and every individual separately.

Our Unique I Like and Share button on the ads gives a user freedom to like an ad or share it on the social media. As the ad goes viral with the clicks, you have your revenue ticking up.

Publishers in Advertyze Network Marklobe are scrutinized using the most rigorous quality standard tools in the industry so the ultimate result is the best handpicked network providing users a great digital ad experience considering their safety and privacy as paramount.

To be included in the Advertyze Networks Advertising Network, publishers must our following requirements,

Top most privacy will be maintained and any information gathered will be solely used for the ad network and will not be sold or shared with any 3rd party. We do not collect any personal information.

Supported Media
Following formats are available for you to be put up and generate revenue,

Please fill up our Publisher Registration Form to be registered as Advertyze Networks Publisher. If you have any question or query, please email or call our Support Team to let us help you in every possible way.


Monetize your Apps with the offers that Count

Advertyze Networks offer partnerships with the developers helping them to monetize their developed apps in the best way. Application ranging from Social Media sharing to Gaming, the only thing which matters is the great User experience and their engagement.